Disability Types

Let’s start today’s post off with an overview of the disability types we need to think about when we create accessible documentation. There are five major disability groups that we need to consider when creating documentation: Visual. Visual disabilities include blindness, low-vision, and color-blindness. As writers, our main target is readers, so it only makes […]


A square image with four smaller squares inside, each a white image against a blue field. The images are line drawings of common symbols. Top left is the handicapped symbol, bottom left is the deaf/hard of hearing symbol, bottom right is the blind/visually impaired symbol, and top right is the mental handicapped symbol.

BACKGROUND I’m currently working for a company that manufactures payment terminals, and, due to some interesting events in my life that coincided with this, have been thinking about how my friends and loved ones with disabilities would view my work. Because of the manner of my work, I’m in a unique position to implement accessibility […]