Chrome vs. RoboHelp HTML5 Responsive Output

So, just a quick post in case this happens to anyone else. Of note: I am using a very customized version of the Charcoal HTML5 responsive layout. I am using RoboHelp 2017. I am using Chrome 63.0.3239.108, 64-bit. So, I noticed I couldn’t search in google chrome, though it worked fine in other browsers. Nothing on the interwebs, […]


A square image with four smaller squares inside, each a white image against a blue field. The images are line drawings of common symbols. Top left is the handicapped symbol, bottom left is the deaf/hard of hearing symbol, bottom right is the blind/visually impaired symbol, and top right is the mental handicapped symbol.

BACKGROUND I’m currently working for a company that manufactures payment terminals, and, due to some interesting events in my life that coincided with this, have been thinking about how my friends and loved ones with disabilities would view my work. Because of the manner of my work, I’m in a unique position to implement accessibility […]


When I separated from CWIE Holding Company, I was given permission to use anything that is externally published (KB articles, User Guides, etc..) in my portfolio, but some of the skills and document types that I’d like to showcase in my portfolio are not externally available. Because they have been my only employer for the […]

Using LiveCycle Designer Forms in DocuSign

When creating templates in DocuSign, PDF forms created using LiveCycle Designer do not upload, and do not give an error message. This makes things a little difficult, because LiveCycle forms are just prettier than you standard, every-day forms! No need to fear, though, I have figured out the solution: Create and save the form in […]