Upgrade to RoboHelp 2019, then clean-up your HTML tags!

So, you decided to upgrade to RoboHelp from a previous version. Beautiful. I did, too! And it’s great! Except for all that leftover dirty html! I am very excited by the ability disallow in-line styling, but years of in-line styling by a wide variety of authors has left our project with some very messy html. […]

Pretty print in RoboHelp

I spent a little bit of time trolling around trying to figure out how to use a pretty print-type add-in in RoboHelp. I had a lot of trouble with this, primarily because RoboHelp would de-register the baggage or totally ignore the second style sheet (and delete references to it from topics! After a lot of […]

Chrome vs. RoboHelp HTML5 Responsive Output

So, just a quick post in case this happens to anyone else. Of note: I am using a very customized version of the Charcoal HTML5 responsive layout. I am using RoboHelp 2017. I am using Chrome 63.0.3239.108, 64-bit. So, I noticed I couldn’t search in google chrome, though it worked fine in other browsers. Nothing on the interwebs, […]